Who we are

A team of experts in digital product development.


We increase the impact of your organization.

In our interventions, our goal is always to help people; your teams or your clients. By having a human focus, we help our customers increase the value they deliver to their customers. Our approach is as much people-centered as it is business-based.

Our Values

Make the world better

We work with people and brands who have the courage to transform our society for the better. We support organizations that have a mission at heart.


Focus on results

Our work is directed by clear intentions. We make it our duty to always have measurable goals to achieve. We celebrate the results, not the prices.


Ownership of our work

The trust our partners place in us is deserved and respected. For us, being responsible means collaborating, being open-minded, being daring, but realistic.


Grow in collaboration

Our processes involve active collaboration, retrospection and continuous improvement. Collaboration is part of our team


Have a lot of fun

“If it's not fun, it's not worth doing it.” For us, fun is collaborating with great people, contributing, working on great projects and celebrating.


Never stop learning

We travel the world to learn from the best and share our knowledge. Our daily lives are filled with opportunities to learn, it is up to us to take advantage of them.


These organizations are not trophies; they are our business partners.


A multidisciplinary team of enthusiasts.

We believe that each organization shares the responsibility to improve our society in its own way and that our mission is to help those who have the courage to reinvent things, transform industries and change lives. Bulldozer is a collective of specialists who have come together for a common mission; help organizations in our society to increase the impact of their actions.


We share our ideas.


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